Pearl white series

Frame less switches, up to 8 gange, 6+1+1Dimmer support, full range available. Suppliers of clopal in Karachi pakistan contact 0322-3540656 , 0321-2248975

Cloud Series frame less

Up to 8 gange, variety of 6+1+1dimmer support in big 3×6″ sheets available in Karachi Pakistan

Frame less fancy switches

Frame less fancy switches Cloud White, Clopal Electric Karachi Pakistan. Contact 0332-5975619 ,0322-3540656

Clopal Circuit breakers

Clopal Circuit breakers, Clopal selectors, Clopal changovers Clopal suppliers shops near me contact 0321-2248975 , 0322-3540656

Circuit Breakers Clopal

Clopal circuit breakers, 6am to 63amp Safety breakers, Earth leakage breakers, main breakers 10 Year life expectency, 6 months warranty Available in stock. Suppliers in Karachi Pakistan

Clopal TypeR economy switches

Clopal TypeR economy switches shops suppliers in Pakistan. Extension socket prices Karachi Contact 0321-2248975 , 0322-3540656

Clopal cloud switches sockets

Clopal cloud switches sockets Malaysian switches, up to 8 gang wide range. Available in stock. Suppliers in Karachi Pakistan

Clopal Pearl frame less switches

Clopal Pearl frame less switchesFrame less switches and sockets Clopal Malaysian

Clopal Thunder Switches

Clopal Thunder SwitchesFrame less switches and sockets contact , 0322-3540656 , 0321-2248975