Clopal Extension socket CP-161

Clopal Extension socket CP-154 Rs 945.00–1,050.00Clopal 6-way Extension socket Available in Karachi 6-Way Extension Socket

Clopal Extension socket CP-151

Clopal Extension socket CP-151 CP-151 Rs 788.00–875.00 5 MULTI + 1 SWITCH 3 METER LENGTH

Clopal Extension socket CP-144

CP-144 Rs 969.00–1,077.00 CLOPAL CP-144 4 WAY + FUSE OVER LOAD SW 3 METER LONG CORD contact 0322-3540656

Extension Socket CP-141

CP-141Rs 680.00–755.00 CP-141 4 MULTI + 1 SWITCH 3 Meter cable Contact 0345-9997722 , 0322-3540656

Extension Reel

Extension Reel upto 3 types of Extension Reel Available in stock ( empty, 25 meter & 50 meter) long Delivery in Karachi, Supply in Pakistan CONTACT +92-345-9997722

Extension Sockets

Clopal Extension sockets. Available in upto 42 description variety. Suppliers in Karachi PakistanContact 0332-5975619 , 0322,3540656

Platinium Series

CLOPAL frame less Platinium switches and sockets.Available in 4 different series16A220-240 volt Product items are as below: 1 gang switch,2 gang switch,3 gang switch,4 gang switch,Bell Push,TV socket,Telephone socket,TV + Tel,2 TV socket,Big dimmer,Light plug (Multi function) + 2 pin socket,Power plug,20A Double Pole switch,Multi function + USB charger,6 gang switch,6 gang switch + 1 […]

Prime Brass series

CLOPAL PRIME BRASS Small switches and sockets.Available in 6 different series10A220-240 volt Product items are as below: 1 gang switch2 gang switch3 gang switch4 gang switch1 gang + 1 socket2 gang + 2 socket2 gang + 1 socket3 gang + 1 socketBell PushBreaker switchTV socketTelephone socketTV + Tel2 TV socketseperate dimmerLight plug (Multifunction) socketPower plugUniversal […]

Cloud Series frame less

Up to 8 gange, variety of 6+1+1dimmer support in big 3×6″ sheets available in Karachi Pakistan