Pearl Bravo

CLOPAL frame less PEARL BRAVO switches and sockets.Available in 4 different series16A220-240 volt Product items are as below: 1 gang switch,2 gang switch,3 gang switch,4 gang switch,Bell Push,TV socket,Telephone socket,TV + Tel,2 TV socket,Big dimmer,Light plug (Multi function) + 2 pin socket,Power plug,20A Double Pole switch,Multi function + USB charger,6 gang switch,6 gang switch + […]

Prime Brass series

CLOPAL PRIME BRASS Small switches and sockets.Available in 6 different series10A220-240 volt Product items are as below: 1 gang switch2 gang switch3 gang switch4 gang switch1 gang + 1 socket2 gang + 2 socket2 gang + 1 socket3 gang + 1 socketBell PushBreaker switchTV socketTelephone socketTV + Tel2 TV socketseperate dimmerLight plug (Multifunction) socketPower plugUniversal […]


CLOPAL ELECTRIC assures customers to pursue a choosy & adequate living standard by providing them the finest, High quality and economical products, complying fully with their needs. Clopal Electric vision is to present our utmost Brand Image by wining the trust of our valued customers & clients through endless efforts in innovation & quality with […]

Night Rider switches

Night Rider (LED Night) Clopal Switches and sockets Supplier in Karachi Pakistan

Pearl Bravo switches Clopal

Pearl Bravo switches Clopal suppliers in Karachi Pakistan 0332-5975619

Flatty series Clopal switches

Flatty series Clopal switches Flatty Clopal series switches and sockets suppliers in karachi Pakistan 0332-5975619

Voltage control sockets

Voltage control sockets shops and suppliers in Karachi 0332-5975619

Led lights Open

Led lights Open Clopal open led lights supplier shops in karachi . sizes 6″ to 8″

Ideas White Switches sockets

Ideas White Switches socketsDealers in KarachiShop and Suppliers 0345-9997722