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Hydroplast Schedule 80 upvc   Hydroplast Schedule 80 UPVC (grey color) is one of the most broadly used thermoplastic Plumbing materials, common to many Installation applications. Hydroplast UPVC is highly resistant to acids like alkali and alcohols as well as  many other corrosive materials.  The versatile range of options about jointing and other things that […]

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Hydroplast Pakistan Industrial thermoplastic piping systems are now firmly established in a wide range of applications since their introduction over forty years ago. The intervening years have seen dramatic growth in the choice of piping materials, diversity of products, dimensions available and the development of manufacturing standards. Today there is an enormous choice for the […]

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Hydroplast schedule 80 fittings suppliers in karachi Pakistan Materials (property) Chemical resistance Weathering resistance (Electrical) characteristics and Physiological , UPVC piping systems are produced w/o plasticizers and fillers, However for injection moulding purposes lubricants are added to assist in process of production of complex parts, and to combat the effects like Ultra Violet light, stabilisers […]

AGM cpvc

AGM cpvc,agm cpvc imported from KSA Standard : ASTM Size : 1/2″ to 2″ complete pipe and fittings


AGM PIPES imported from KSA Range 1/2″ to 8″ complete upvc pipes and fittings 1/2″ to 2″ cpvc complete pipes and fittings Call : 0322-3540656 , 0333-3645773 , 0300-2856741 Email : Visit : contact for meeting or order the web site owner; +92-300-2856741

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AGM cpvc and upvc imported from KSA Range upvc 1/2″ to 8″ ASTM standard range cpvc 1/2″ to 2″ ASTM standard Call :0322-3540656 , 0300-2856741 , 0333-3645773 Email : Visit : contact for meeting or order the web site owner; +92-300-2856741


AGM UPVC From modest beginning in 1965, AGM has grown strengths to strengths over the years in manufacturing uPVC pipes, cPVC pipes & injection fittings. We have been expanding and diversifying rapidly & today we have been recognized as one of the leading company in Saudi Arabia and throughout Middle East in manufacturing of uPVC […]

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AGM pipes AGM was the first to initiate marketing orientated technique to meet increasing industrial demand by gearing production to market requirements for development of its range of UPVC & CPVC pipes and fittings. AGM UPVC & CPVC Pipes and fittings are now well accepted and widely used in all types of industrial process pipework, […]