schedule 80 pipes and fittings in Pakistan

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Industrial thermoplastic piping systems are now firmly established in a wide range of applications since their introduction over forty years ago. The intervening years have seen dramatic growth in the choice of piping materials, diversity of products, dimensions available and the development of manufacturing standards.
Today there is an enormous choice for the designer faced with the task of selecting the optimum piping system for a specific application. Factors such as corrosion resistance, thermal characteristics, installation technique and life expectancy are all essential criteria that require consideration during the early stages of planning the piping system.
The aim of this part of our website is to raise the awareness amongst consultants, designers, engineers, and installers of the features and benefits of industrial thermoplastic piping systems. Here you will find an introduction to the properties of the different piping materials, their respective installation techniques, pressure and temperature limits, and corrosion and chemical resistance performance.

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