Type R series

CLOPAL Type R Small switches and sockets.Available in 6 different series10A220-240 volt Product items are as below: 1 gang switch,2 gang switch,3 gang switch,4 gang switch,1 gang + 1 socket,2 gang + 2 socket,2 gang + 1 socket,3 gang + 1 socket,Bell Push,Breaker switch,TV socket,Telephone socket,TV + Tel,2 TV socket,seperate dimmer,Light plug (Multifunction) socket,Power plug,Universal […]

Small Switches Type R white Clopal

Clopal Electric Clopal “Type R” Series is the highly selling product for years due to its looks, economic pricing and long life. Small Switches economical for Builders and Developers in Karachi Ideal for Flats and residential projects. Available in Bulk Stock Suppliers and distributors in Karachi up to 10 Gang support with multiple choices. Malaysian […]