upvc 4B pipes and fittings

Malik Traders manufactures unplasticized Polyvinyle Chloride 4B UPVC Pressure and Non-Pressure Pipe system of potable water and other industrial uses conforming to ASTM D 1785-94 DIN 8061-8062 standards.

The Company was established in 2014 and commenced production in the same year. 4B UPVC has a complete range of pipes and pipe fittings.1/2″to 8″ To ensure highest standards of quality,

Malik Traders imports their molds & injection molding machines from Taiwan, Germany.

Quality has been the sole guiding force since the very beginning. An exclusive quality assurance department certifies each and every product.

All the manufactured products are consigned to the department for checking before their market release. Checking is also an integral part of the manufacturing process.

The process has a stage wise separation and the promotion of a product from one state to another is subject to its fulfillment of prescribed quality criterion.

4B upvc pipe

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