LIANSU Chinese PPRc Pipe Fittings

PP-R Water Pipe and Fittings Material: Random Polypropylene Size: full 16mm through 160mm availability Pressure Rating: 1.25MPa, 1.6MPa, 2.0MPa, 2.5MPa Standard: ISO15874 and BS 6920 Colors: Light grey or white, pipe for cold water is marked with blue stripes, pipe for hot water is marked with red stripes. Other colors are also available upon request Form Supplied: 4 and […]


GM PPRC GM PPRC pipes and fittings are made of high molecular weight Polypropylene Random copolymer suitably stabilized for high temperature applications and especially with high environmental stress cracking resistance that enables long service life.  GM PPRC pipes and fittings are manufactured in accordance with German DIN standards,                 This Raw material is recommended for manufacturing high […]

Q-therm pprc pipes and fittings

Q-therm pprc imported from UAE Range 20 mm to 110 mm pipes and fittings PN 20  normal and aluminium fiber coated pipes contact for meeting or order the web site owner; +92-300-2856741

RAKtherm pprc in pakistan

RAKtherm pprc raktherm pprc imported from UAE Range 20 mm to 110 mm PN 20 and PN 25 pipes and fittings contact for meeting or order the web site owner; +92-300-2856741

Q-therm pprc

Q-therm PPRC Pipe and Fittings produced from PP (Polypropylene Random Copoylmer). A R Corporation is the Distributors and Dealer in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Contact for Q-therm Supply 0322-3540656


PPRC RAKtherm pipes & fittings are manufactured according to German DIN standards with sizes ranging from 20mm upto 110mm. The outstanding temperature rating up to 1000 C and pressure rating up to 25 Bar make PP-R system the ideal solution for variety of applications including: RAKtherm Stabi pipes integrated with aluminium layer are developed for exposed […]

RAKtherm pprc Suppliers in pakistan

RAKtherm pprc Suppliers in pakistan RAKtherm ppr is the perfect choice for water supply piping installation due its unique Properties including food grade, conceald or exposed installation support, German standards and high reasearch product … and Many valuable clients trust word over RAKtherm piping systems, has high corrosion resistance properties in addition to impressive resistance […]