4B UPVCWater-supply Pipe Application Fields:
1. Food industry water supply system.
2. Urban water supply system.
3. Garden Irrigation, dig a well and other industrial pipe system.
4. Civil & industrial buildings’ indoor water supply and intermediate water system.
5. Sea farming.
6. Water treatment plants.
7. Underground water supply system of residential quarter and plant area.

8.  Ore Sand & Silt Pipeline Transport.

4B UPVC Water-supply Pipe Main Advantages:
1. Excellent physical and chemical properties: high impact strength, good pressure resistance , long service life (according to the national Ministry of Construction test data that the use of years 40-50)
2. Light weight: easy installation, the use of line and socket. Weight only one-seventh of the same diameter cast iron pipe, can greatly speed up the progress of the project and reduce construction costs.
3. Small fluid resistance: smooth inner wall, the rough coefficient of only 0.009, so the fluid resistance is small, compared with the same diameter cast iron pipe flow increased by 30%.
4. Anti-aging: the use of special compound design, no aging discoloration of the worry.
5. Pest control: the use of a unique auxiliary agent, so that the product will not issue  psoriasis like the smell, to avoid termites, insects gnawing damage.
6. Non-toxic: not contain toxic lead salt and other toxic chemicals.
7. Save construction costs: lower integrated cost than the same specifications of the cast iron pipe, lower maintenance costs.
8. Longevity: more than 50 years under normal conditions.
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